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A Saudi graphic and motion graphics designer who is passionate about Branding, digital marketing, content creation, and development, I am Seeking challenging opportunities to demonstrate my designing skills and knowledge.


Brand manager - MIC Co. 2023 - Current:
▶ Brand Strategy Development
▶ Guiding Visual Identity and Messaging
▶ Coordinate marketing campaigns to promote the brand
▶ Budget and Project Management
▶ Monitoring and Evaluation of Performance

Acting Corporate Communications Manager - Salam for Cultural Communication 2022 - 2023:
▶ Content strategy.
▶ Creating a brand identity strategy, brand guide, brand brief, and identity promotion campaign for internal clients.
▶ Redesigning the logo to align with the brand identity strategy.
▶ Making an art direction of identity.
▶ Making an art direction for publishing books.

Senior graphic designer - Saudi Payments 2021-2022:
Creative Department:
▶ Participating in building an art direction for designing the customer journey.
▶ Taking part in building the art direction and applying it On the posters of advertising campaigns.
▶ Participating in the development of the guidelines for project identities.
▶ Designing logos & posters.
▶ Creating motion graphics: storyboard and animating elements.

Art Director of Noon Corporation for Marketing Services 2020 - 2021:
Commercial Business:
Designing a visual identity for the project.
Hiring designers to accomplish the agency’s tasks.
Planing the art direction of clients’ campaigns.
Creating a visual identity for clients.
Creating advertising and marketing campaigns and building a guideline for logos clients.
Shooting and producing promotional videos.

Zinco Marketing Manager 2018 - 2019:
Building a marketing department from scratch:
▶ Building a brand identity strategy.
▶ Hiring a digital marketing team containing 18 internal and external employees.
▶ Building an online store and application.
▶ Designing art direction for the environmental graphic design for the management department and Zinco’s branches.
▶ Developing and automating customer service, awareness, and marketing campaigns.
▶ Making guidelines for visual identity.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works

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