The organization had only a logo with no brand identity strategy or a usage guide for the identity. After reviewing the logo, it was found to be deteriorated due to incorrect usage and conversion from PNG to vector format. All these issues resulted in a weakened visual language, leading to poor and ineffective communication of messages.
The steps and stages of solving the problem are as follows:
Logo Treatment:
The organization has a distinctive and strong logo, but incorrect usage has weakened its structure. Therefore, we addressed this issue by
processing the logo of all imperfections without altering its essence.
Brand Identity Strategy:
After meeting with the decision-makers and drafting the brief, we arrived at a three-part framework for designing the brand identity strategy:
1. Core of the Brand (Mission - Vision - Values).
2. Brand Positioning.
3. Brand Personality tone of voice.
Visual Language:
This phase involved studying and defining the logo's usage, colors, patterns, style, and applications.
Identity System:
To effectively activate this system cloud storage space was created for managing the identity and its files. Subsequently, an interactive guidance manual was developed, including download links for identity elements, to ensure the correct usage of the logo and brand identity.

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